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We’re a local tour operator based in Argentina, that offers customized tours in Argentina, Chile, and Antarctica, for discerning travelers, just like you.  In this section, you will find our Blog, with interesting information about different topics related to Argentina and Chile.

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Argentina destinations & things to do: introducing its highlights

Being one of the top destinations in South America, Argentina is a country that offers a huge spectrum of activities for everyone. From its amazing cities to its breathtaking natural landscapes, today we bring you our special selection of the best things to do in Argentina, recommended by locals! We also invite you to check our tours in Argentina.

1. Build your own adventure in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, known as “South America´s Paris” is the capital city where you can get a glance of our culture and people, often described as a European city with a Latin Vibe. From food to entertainment, you have something to do every day: having a meal in one of the amazing “parrillas” in San Telmo, getting to know museums such as the Malba or Mamba, enjoying cultural centers such as the one located in Recoleta, or just looking for books in the impressive “Librería El Ateneo” Buenos Aires offers some of the best things to do in Argentina.

Dare to try a tango lesson at the world famous “milongas”, where the amateur dancers gather every week to keep this passionate dance alive. Jump as well right to the heart of our biggest passion and pay a visit to the Bombonera Stadium in La Boca, to join the fans at a Boca Juniors match, one of the most exciting cultural experiences.

There is a city tour for everything, either by bus, bike or walking. Downtown Buenos Aires homes the heart of our history as well, where you can walk the Plaza de Mayo just like the Madres of the Disappeared did, and meet the Casa Rosada and other great landmarks, all in the same square. Ballet at the Teatro Colon is also one of the most amazing cultural activities to do in the city as well.

Moving a bit further from the city, you can go kayaking or navigate in the Tigre Delta, perfect for a one day getaway to enjoy a summer afternoon, where you can pass by the market and boutiques that are located there as well.

2. Get astonished by the Ocean Wildlife in Peninsula Valdes: Whales, Penguins, and more!

The Argentinean Patagonia is worldwide known for its amazing landscapes and nature, where you can see from penguins and whales to pumas, and hike through the most amazing peaks and even glaciers.  And one of the best things to do in Argentina is to see its Ocean Wildlife.

Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valdés are the places to go for penguin and whale watching; the whales are from july to November, and the penguins are from september till march. During the months of October, November, March and April, you have also chances of seeing Orcas (Killer Whales). Apart from these spectacular animals, you can find as well sea elephants, rheas, foxes, birds, piches, guanacos and other species.

There are different activities related to wildlife contemplation, and the most popular are the excursions that depart from Puerto Madryn to the Peninsula, the navigations for Whale Watching, the walking experience among Penguins, the kayaking and Snorkeling with Sea lions, and self guided circuits in rented vehicles.

With 3 nights you have enough time to have an overview of the region.  You can also visit Punta Tombo, the largest penguin rookery in South America,  navigate to see patagonian dolphins in Playa Union, or follow the welsh route in Gaiman (where are the best cakes ever!).   Regarding the penguins, you can also see them in other parts of Patagonia, such as Ushuaia, Puerto Deseado, Tierra del Fuego or Punta Arenas (Chile).

3. Visit the interesting ecosystems in Tierra del Fuego, the End of the World.

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and Cape Horn (this last one in Chile) are the last locations before sailing right into Antartica. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, and it’s the gate for different sorts of activities. The Tierra del Fuego National Park is famous for gathering a piece of almost each one of the ecosystems that you can find in the Island, at the same time that it hosts the popular End of the World Train circuit (about 10 km).  Like all over Patagonia, the lakes in Tierra del Fuego are amazing too, like Lakes Fagnano and Escondido, where you can do some canoeing and find hiking circuits, or just to enjoy them through scenic tours.

Navigating on the Beagle Channel is part of the “classic” things to do in Argentina, where you can navigate in a yacht to see the Lighthouse, or go further east and fish /cook your own spider crab at a remote fisherman village. You can also see the penguins at Isla Martillo, where you can find not only Magellan but also Gentoo and eventually King ones (if you visit this island, you can also visit the Harberton Ranch, which is the oldest in the zone!).

If you are captivated by this area, you can jump in a cruise through the Chilean Fjords to Punta Arenas through Cape Horn, highlighting the stunning, natural beauty of Patagonia and several of its most important historical sites. Activities in Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego are available all year long, but the high season is from October to March. If you are a ski fan, enjoy one of South America’s best skiing in Cerro Castor!

4. Visit the Glacier Perito Moreno and enjoy the best hikes in El Chalten

Moving on through Patagonia, one of the most amazing things to do in Argentina is to visit El Calafate and El Chalten (220 km away one from each other). The best hikes in Argentina are in El Chalten, with the Fitz Roy Trek and the Cerro Torre at the top, which are two hiking trails with amazing scenic views such as the ones at “Laguna de los 3”.  The difficulty is not so high but it takes 8-10 hours return each trail to be completed.

On the other hand, in el Calafate you can find one of the world’s most beautiful glaciers: the Perito Moreno. One of the most fantastic things to do in Argentina is thus taking a cruise on Lago Argentino, along the Canal de los Témpanos, to get right to the bottom of Perito Moreno and to admire the icebergs that float on the lake. Or you can also walk on top of the glacier, or kayak among the ice chunks!

Another remarkable experience is the one to Estancia Cristina (an old ranch with a boutique hotel on it), from where you can reach a viewpoint with beautiful views on the Upsala Glacier. You can also walk along the Cañadón de los Fosiles, and check out remains of extinct species millons of years old.

If you wish to travel to the Chilean side of this area of Patagonia, you can visit as well Torres del Paine National park, a great place to for hiking and scenic tours, declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.   The best time to come to this area of Patagonia is between October and March.

5. Enjoy the sceneries of Bariloche and the Lakes District

If you follow the iconic Ruta 40, you will find Bariloche, a beautiful town located in the heart of the Lakes District in the Rio Negro province, aprox 1500kms from Buenos Aires.

At first sight, Bariloche seems straight out of a Swiss scenery. Its classic wooden houses and European-like city centre, along with a snow-peaked background amazes each one of its visitors. Either in summer or in winter, it’s gorgeous, pure and simple, loved by locals that choose to spend their vacations here in spite of being able to visit anywhere else in the country, and by people all over the world as well.

Trekking, skiing and water activities are the musts here, besides the amazing breweries and chocolate shops. An ideal destination all year long!

6. Taste the best Malbec surrounded by Vineyards in Mendoza

Mendoza is another incredible destination when looking for things to do in Argentina. Known as our nation’s wine capital, if you are an enthusiast, the wine experiences and tours around the most important wineries in the area are incredible activities to do.

The most trendy wine region is the “Uco Valley”, but you can also find great vineyards & wineries in “Luján de Cuyo” and “Maipú”. Mendoza is also popular for its high mountain circuit, that passes by the Natural Reserve Aconcagua, where start the trails to the Aconcagua mount (also called the “Ceiling of the Americas”), where you can take a high mountain trek, with amazing views from the highest mountain in the continent.

7. Go on a 4×4 crossing in Salta and the Northwest of Argentina

When looking for the best things to do in Argentina, the northern area should be taken in high consideration.

In the provinces of Salta and Jujuy and the northwest of Argentina you can find amazing landscapes, like those seen at the legendary 7 Colors Hill (or Cerro de los 7 colores), the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Tilcara, Purmamarca, Iruya, Cachi, San Antonio de los Cobres, Cafayate… and many other amazing little towns where you can take a glance on our history and the customs of the natives that once lived there. A place filled with history and interesting places to visit and see. Take a trip on the Train to the Clouds as well, and get to meet the stunning salt fields!

Talampaya and the Moon Valley are ideal to see different rock structures from millions of years ago, as well as fossils. One of the best ways to explore this region is through 4×4 crossings on the high plateau.  And of course, you can combine your visit with a tour to Atacama, in the Chilean part of the Andes. Visit the North all year long, preferably on spring and autumn seasons.

8. Contemplate the Iguazu Falls and go on a Safari in the Wetlands

The last destination in our list is no other that a Nature’s Wonder, The Iguazu Falls, a National Park in which you can take a trek on different balconies and see the amazing waterfalls located in a spot between Argentina and Brazil.

Navigate through the Devil’s Canyon if you are looking for a true adrenaline shock, and travel for the day for a more panoramic view on the falls from the Brazilian side. Moving a bit more to the south, the Iberá Wetlands host one of the most interesting safaris and fishing trips as well!  Caimans, capybaras, monkeys, and other incredible animals have named this place as the “Argentinean pantanal”.   You can visit Iguazú and Iberá all year long.

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