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Ushuaia to Cape Horn & other Patagonia Cruises

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Welcome to the Southernmost tip of the World, right where the last reminiscences of civilization sink among the Fjords, from Ushuaia to Cape Horn, to raise again after the Majestic Drake Passage, in the Antarctic continent. Both Ushuaia and Punta Arenas are strategic hubs for all kinds of tours and adventures, including the mythical cruise ship that joins both cities, from Ushuaia to Cape Horn, and then to Punta Arenas.

Cruises: Ushuaia to Cape Horn, Chilean Fjords, and Punta Arenas

Get onboard the Cruise that joins Ushuaia with Punta Arenas (and vice-versa), visiting Cape Horn and the Chilean Fjords. It takes 4 nights and includes disembarks in amazing places. Book through Beyond BA Latam and get special benefits!

Land tours: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and other destinations

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Ushuaia & Punta Arenas



Where the land meets the immensity of the biggest oceans of our planet, where wildlife is at our feet and Antarctica right above the horizon…this is the place where the bravest sailors performed their most famous feats. A once in a lifetime and unique adventure awaits in the Punta Arenas to Ushuaia Cruise (or vice-versa, because it can also be done from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas).

Humans & Nature

The furthest corner of our planet intrigued explorer for centuries and defied those who thought could conquer and tame its wildlands. As told by ancient expeditionaries, it was right on this region where incredibly tall and muscular natives, the Yaganes, use to live and wander, barefooted and practically naked, surviving on whale hunting from its canoes.

In the present day, the harsh spirit of the first inhabitants of this southern part of Argentina and Chile remains, as well as its exotic landscapes and animals. Far from the struggles of wildlife, we can enjoy both the history and natural beauty of Patagonia in a cozy and modern cruise.

Exploring the Beagle Channel

Discovered in the nineteenth century by a British expedition, the Beagle Channel is where the adventure begins (if starting from Ushuaia). With an extension of 280 kilometers, the channel connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Its unique location and features make this geographical area very peculiar: depending on the area it can be surprisingly narrow (reaching less than 2 kilometers wide from coast to coast) or shallow, with only 14 meters depth water. At the same time, in other regions of the Beagle, the sea can reach 300 meters in depth.

Cape Horn, the wildest of them all

This stunning location used to be visited only by savvy and courageous sailors. Luckily, nowadays the expedition can be experienced by anyone.


Cape Horn is considered the southernmost point of the Americas and is also famous for the strong winds and huge waves that can be seen in this region. It’s also famous because Charles Darwin based part of his work The Origin Of Species here. ‘The evening was calm and bright, and we enjoyed a fine view of the surrounding isles. Cape Horn, however, demanded his tribute, and before night sent us a gale of wind directly in our teeth’, said Darwin about his encounter with the cape, back in 1832. That being said, it’s important to notice that eventually, the harsh conditions and unexpected changes in the weather forecast might force visitors to modify a thing or two in their schedules.

Wulaia Bay

Continueing with the Cruise and leaving Cape Horn behind (if starting from Ushuaia), we reach Wulaia Bay. The Wulaia Bay is a very calm spot ideal for anchorage due to its protection from the winds and calm waters. This made it an ideal place for the Yaganes to eventually settle. Experts believed that the tribe migrated from the north of what today is Tierra del Fuego to this area, in fact, plenty of archaeological remains where found in Navarino Island.

The Yaganes were the most southern population of natives in the history of mankind and it believed that they never encounter other civilizations until the nineteenth century when European explorers begin to sail the waters of Patagonia.

According to numerous records, British investigators got to meet the Yaganes and some of them were taken to London as these men of science planned to teach them the language. They also tried to settle Christian missions and educate the natives in their religious faith, unsuccessfully.


Visiting a city of ice

Not as glamorous as the 5th but still very fancy and the only of its kind, the commonly know ‘Glaciers avenue’ is also part of the itinerary. Huge walls of ice emerge from the sea only to grow into cold mountains that resemble white and blue natural buildings, creating this particularly exotic location in the south of Chile.

The Pía and Garibaldi glaciers can be not only seen but explored. Once on the Pía fjord, the panoramic view can be reached by foot. Every year and, like most glaciers, the Pía loses about 10 meters, so landslides and detachments are often witnessed.

On the other hand, the Garibaldi glacier is a natural structure of colossal proportions white as the snow. The sun reflecting on the water and on every inch of ice bathes this place with the brightest light possible and makes it mandatory to wear sunglasses.

More Fjords and Glaciers

A few kilometers ahead on the Cockburn Channel, more glaciers can be seen but now on the Agostini Sound. Onboard of zodiac boats that surf the water at high speed, crossing the sea allows adventurers to get right at the foot of the Aguila and Condor glacier.

Named after the Italian explorer, Alberto Maria de Agostini, this fjord divides the Darwin Mountain Range into two branches: the Cordón Navarro in the south, and the Monte Buckland in the north.

History, ice and wind aside, during the entire trip the guests will not only enjoy the comfort of a top of the line accommodation in a modern and safe cruise, but also have the ability to connect with raw nature. On the way from Argentina to Chile, condors can be seen while it is also possible to walk around with penguins (from october till march).

The walking with penguins experience is only on the itinerary that starts in Ushuaia and finishes in Punta Arenas. If the itinerary is the one from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, penguins can be seen as well, but from a zodiac right in front of Tucker Islets (in this scenario, if you want to walk with penguins you can do it before the Cruise, in Punta Arenas, or after the trip, in Ushuaia).


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