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Antarctica Expedition Cruises

If you want to get inspired by one of the most spectacular places on earth, travel to Antartica, visit the remotest and coldest continent in the world; and enjoy the beauty of its wilderness.

Most of the trips to Antarctica depart either from Punta Arenas (Chile) or Ushuaia (Argentina), both at the southernmost tip of the American continent, and around 1000 km away from the Antarctic Peninsula.
The best way we suggest to visit Antarctica is through an expedition cruise. This means that while the ship is in Antarctica, it‘s planned to do daily disembarks in order to improve your experience in the best possible way. There are some of the most remarkable expeditions:

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The White Continent

Everyone that wants to travel to Antarctica will notice that most of the itineraries are around the Peninsula, since the weather conditions are not as harsh as in the rest of the continent (the waterfront helps to regulate the climate). On the other hand, the variety of its fauna, the humongous ice blocks, and the reminiscences of the human heritage through the different past expeditions, make this place unique. Regarding the ocean wildlife, Antarctica, the Drake Passage, and the South Atlantic are home to a rich variety of incredible species, such as lots of Penguin types (Emperor, Chinstrap, King, Adelie, Macaroni, Gentoo); Killer, Humpback and Minke Whales; Leopard Seals, Antarctic Fur Seals, and Elephant Seals; Antarctic Petrel, Blue-eyed Shags, and many other ones. Besides those made by nature, there are other sites of interests as well, but connected to the human interactiointeraction: settlements and research bases. The abandoned British base at Port Lockroy, or the old base at Deception Island (with warm coastal waters that can get close to 65° C), are some of them. Travel to Antarctica, and discover its hidden treasures!

Where is Antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent situated mostly under the latitude 66°30′ South (there is where is the Antarctic Circle).  It has a rounded shape excepting in the area of the Antarctic Peninsula, where it extends to the north in the direction of Patagonia.

The Antarctic Peninsula is separated from Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) by the Drake Passage.

The closest ports are the ones in Punta Arenas (Chile) and Ushuaia (Argentina). These are important cities in Patagonia, with connections to other cities and around 1000 km away from  Antarctica.

What is the best way to get to Antarctica?

The best ways to go to Antarctica are:

–          Taking a cruise from Ushuaia (Argentina) or Punta Arenas (Chile), crossing the Drake Passage

–          Flying from Punta Arenas to King George Island, and combine there with a Cruise. This is actually part of the same expedition,  where you can avoid crossing the Drake Passage.  There are different combinations to do.

What do visitors do in Antarctica?

In most of the cases, the itineraries are around the Antarctic Peninsula, where visitors don’t only navigate, but also disembark (during the expedition cruises).  Among the things to do, which will depend on the hired cruise, are:

–          Visiting some human settlements.

–          Kayaking, many times with the sudden visit of whales.

–          Trekking.

–          Shore excursions in penguin colonies.

–          Camping, with overnight on the ice.

–          Navigating among icebergs, channels, mountains, and amazing islands.

–          Watching amazing wildlife.

–          Visiting the South Shetland Islands (Deception Island –a volcanic island with spring waters-  and King George Island).

Furthermore, crossing the Drake Passage (what separates Antarctica from South America) is an adventurous experience!

How many days are required to travel to Antarctica?

Itineraries take around 10 days (it changes depending on the company), from which you need 4 days to reach Antarctica back and forth from Patagonia, navigating across the Drake Passage.

There is one cruise company that sorts this part out by flying over the Drake Passage and combines then with a proper cruise along the Antarctic Peninsula (starting from King George Island).

How much does an Antarctica Expedition Cruise cost?

The average cost per person is around USD 10.000. However, there are offers below that price (usually from USD 5000), same as the opposite (way higher than USD 10.000).

Does Antarctica have 4 seasons?

Antarctica has only 2 seasons, winter and summer (October till March).  It’s the coldest continent on earth, with an average temperature in the interior of  -57°C.

However, the Antarctic Peninsula is warmer, with temperatures between -2°C and 8°C (during summer).  Even though it’s covered by ice, it’s very dry, and also windy!

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