Peninsula Valdes & Puerto Madryn

Argentina Whale Watching, Penguins, and many other incredible animals!

Ocean Wild Life in Atlantic Patagonia

Quiet and idyllic, with the immensity of the ocean and the plateau stretching from horizon to horizon, this sanctuary of Patagonia is the home of countless species, which come to greet those who dare visit, inside and outside the sea.

Southern Right Whales, Magellan Penguins, killer whales (orcas), dolphins, sea elephants, rheas, foxes, armadillos, maras, and all kinds of birds are just a part of this impressive ecosystem.

Some of the animals stay in the region during a certain period of the year, therefore it is important to decide wisely when to go. The best month is October, because you can find Penguins and Whales together. Staying three nights gives visitors enough time to get the most from the wildlife.

Argentina Whale Watching – Penguins – Wildlife: Travel Ideas

We offer personalized, tailor-made tours, and these are some of the experiences you could live in Peninsula Valdes, Puerto Madryn, and the rest of Argentina and Chile. Let us know your preferences and we will customize the trip to match your goals and wishes.

Puerto Madryn & Península Valdés

Peninsula Valdes-Wildlife: Argentina-Whale Watching, Penguin colonies, and other great animals of the Ocean and the Plateau!

Peninsula Valdes & Buenos Aires:Argentina-Whale Watching and Penguin colonies, combined with a visit to Buenos Aires, the Paris of Latin America

Argentina from Falls to Glaciers: Argentina-Whale Watching, combined with a visit to Southern Patagonia and other great places of Argentina

Located in the Argentine province of Chubut in the South Atlantic coast, Puerto Madryn is the gateway to many attractions, among them the impressive Península Valdés, Trelew, Gaiman, Rawson and the largest penguin rookery in South America: Punta Tombo, a colony that is home to more than 500.000 Magellan penguins.

Península Valdés – Natural World Heritage by UNESCO – offers the possibility, depending on the season, to watch and interact with wildlife close up, which makes this place so unique. The fauna in this area includes whales, penguins, dark dolphins, killer whales (orcas), elephant seals and sea lions, birds and other land-based species such as Darwin’s Rhea, Patagonian Mara, foxes and guanacos. Puerto Pirámides, Isla de los Pájaros and Punta Norte are some of the highlights of this reserve.

A large variety of activities can intensify the interaction with the environment: whale watching, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving with seals, trekking, watching flora and fauna, and much more.


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