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Bustling and dynamic, melancholic and passionate – Buenos Aires reflects the many contrasts and the variety that defines Argentina. South America’s multicultural city that “never sleeps” offers possibilities for everyone: for those who love the nightlife it has shows and events almost at every hour, and for those who prefer a calmer rhythm it has corners that invite to walk through the world of Borges or a scene recreated by a Tango song.


We love to connect travelers with genuine and unique local experiences. We often get questions such us, which is the best neighborhood to stay, best place to eat, best things to do in Buenos Aires? In almost every case, the answer to these questions is that there is no “best place”, but the best trip customized for each traveler. We offer personalized, tailor-made services. Let us know your preferences, and we will customize the trip to match your goals and wishes.

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Buenos Aires is one of the main capitals in South America, home to our biggest passions like football and asado, and of course, our culture. Starting from the essentials, when looking for things to do in Buenos Aires you have to visit the downtown, where you can enjoy many different activities with our people, who will always treat you like a friend making you feel like one of us.


The “parrillas” (restaurants specialized in cow meat, such as “Don Julio” and “La Cabrera”) offer the best steak meals in South America, where either if you are looking for a quick sitting or a four course meal, you will not be disappointed. No wonder why every big city around the world has an Argentinean “parrilla”!
Buenos Aires has been named the Iberoamerican Capital of Gastronomy in 2017. It has a broad variety of restaurants, but that’s not all. You can visit neighborhoods such as Palermo and San Telmo to grab a beer or a glass of wine (the Malbec is the best one of the Argentinean wines), and listen to the greatest street musicians from the area as well.  Breweries have sprung all over the city in the last five years, and you can find one of them in almost every block. Besides “asado”, wine and beer, our culture is known for sweet products like dulce de leche (Argentinean version of caramel), alfajores (cookies filled with dulce de leche), mate (typical Argentinean infusion-tea) and ice cream.


Argentina (together with Uruguay) is the birthplace of Tango, and in Buenos Aires you can find the best venues to enjoy a true Argentinean tango show. If you are into history, you can always go to the Chacarita Cemetery and pay a visit to Carlos Gardel as well as many other tango legends. If you want to test your chemistry with your partner, dare to try a tango lesson.  You can experience tango in three ways:  go to a touristic (some of them are pretty good but expensive though) tango club to see professionals dancing on stage, such in “Café de los Angelitos” or “Rojo Tango”; going to a “Milonga” such as “La Viruta”, which are the places where the amateurs gather to dance; or getting tango lessons with professionals.   On the other hand, you will have good chances to find “bailarines” performing on the streets of San Telmo or La Boca.


Theatres and Museums

Argentina is known to be one of the cultural capitals of Latin America. The Teatro Colón is home to the biggest classical showcases, as well as great shows from the greatest concert artists, ballet and local performances of our most famous singer-songwriters too.
Besides the traditional venues, when touring the city you will always find a street performer that can attract your attention. When talking about museums, the MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) showcases art from  greatest Latin American artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. For art enthusiasts, our museums and streets both offer the talent of our culture. Another great thing to do in Buenos Aires is to take a graffiti tour to gaze at the amazing street art in different neighbourhoods.
On a bustling commercial street in the fashionable Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, you can visit one of the most beautiful libraries in the world: EL ATENEO. It’s located in a beautifully preserved antique theater. Stop by and have a nice cup of coffee while reading your favorite childhood fairytale!

Soccer, Football, or “Futbol”

Soccer or “fútbol” is one of our biggest passions. If you are drawn into sports, you cannot skip a visit to the legendary Bombonera stadium, home to the Boca Juniors team, where Diego Maradona begun his career to become one of the greatest soccer players of all times.


The “classics”: architecture and history

Buenos Aires offers a vast series of walking, bike, private or bus tours in which you can visit the highlights, such as Casa Rosada (our White House) and May Square. Moving around the city you can meet the iconical Recoleta neighborhood, the enormous Floralis Generica sculpture, and the beautiful Palermo Forest, as well as the historic Caminito walk, where you can get in touch with the place our ancestors first stood in our country.  Puerto Madero, Congreso, Plaza San Martin, 9 de Julio Avenue, the Obelisco, the racing course, the polo stadium, and some other highlights are generally always part of the traditional city tours around the city. We highly recommend getting a 4 hours private city tour upon arrival in the city.

Fashion and Events

Patio Bullrich and Galerias Pacifico are two places you may visit to go shopping, find leather manufactures, or just enjoying the architecture of their buildings. If you’re in Buenos Aires on a Sunday, don’t miss the San Telmo market or the Feria de Mataderos.
If we talk about events, fashion, and local sports, we shouldn’t miss “Polo”.  The elite Argentine polo season is La Triple Corona or triple crown, composed of three separate tournaments which run from September until the end of the year. For all three tournaments, it’s possible to find affordable tickets, as well as luxury serviced boxes with the best views.

Suburbs and Surroundings

Moving away from the city, you can go to the “Delta del Tigre”, San Antonio de Areco, Luján or La Plata, among other popular destinations.  If you are looking to connect with the rural and traditional side of our culture, you can visit an “Estancia” (Ranch), ideal for a day in the outdoors.