Iguazu Falls & the Wetlands

Iguazu Falls Tours & Ibera Wetlands

Natural Wonder of the World

A show of massive falls thundering on rocks, an orchestra composed by birds and water, a superb expression of the power of nature: Welcome to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Formed by hundreds of cascades and surrounded by tropical forests, the Iguazú Falls are spread along the Iguazú River, shared by Argentina and Brazil, about 20 km from Puerto Iguazú, in the Province of Misiones.
The rainforest in the National Park has an incredible variety of vascular plants, such as exotic orchids and begonias, and is home to many regional wild animals, among them the Jaguar and the curious “Coati”.

On the other hand, located mainly in the province of Corrientes, we have the Iberá Wetlands, which is considered one of the richest ecosystems of South America. The wetlands is home to more than 350 species of birds, which share the territory with alligators, marsh dears, capybaras and other animals.

Ibera Wetlands & Iguazu Falls – Tours & Travel Ideas

We offer personalized, tailor-made tours, and these are some of the experiences you could live in Iguazu Falls, in the Wetlands, and in the rest of Argentina and Chile. Let us know your preferences and we will customize the trip to match your goals and wishes:


Iguazu Falls:7 th Wonder of Nature, devil’s Throat, Argentinean and Brazilian sides – Iguazu Falls Tours.

Ibera Wetlands: animals of the Pantanal, birds, alligators, capibaras, and more!

Iguazu Falls & Buenos Aires: City and Falls.

Argentina from Falls to Glaciers: Combine the Iguazu Falls Tours with Patagonia, and enjoy the company of whales and penguins in Peninsula Valdes

The Devil Throat is the largest of the falls, with a flow of water that can be heard from dozens of kilometers away. Many others (around 270) like Salto San Martin, Bozzetti and Tres Mosqueteros, fall into the river creating a natural postcard crowned by rainbows. Most of them can be seen during the Iguazu Falls Tours.

Culturally, the region is marked by its native inhabitants, the Guaraní, and its early colonial settlers, the Jesuits, which left behind stories and traces of their old settlements. You could combine any of your Iguazu Falls Tours with a visit to the Jesuitic missions.

The zone offers a wide arrange of activities: from adventure tourism and ecological trips, trekking, water activities, canopy, kayaking, sailing, and bird watching to shopping tours in Ciudad del Este (Paraguay).


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